Civil wedding

Regardless of whether you want a simple civil wedding party or you want to invite many people and have an artistic program, Restaurantul Pescăruș is with you.

Located in Herăstrău Park, the Pescăruș Restaurant awaits you in a superb natural setting, with a terrace overlooking the lake and with the opportunity to take the most beautiful photos with your loved ones in Herăstrău Park, without having to look everywhere the city a perfect place to create memories of a wonderful day.

We provide you with an event advisor, with whom you can determine all the details, from the menu, to the decorations, to the flowers, photographer and anything else you need. We have several menu options and you can choose different menus for children and those with special diets or allergies, so you can make sure everyone has a great time.

Pescăruș Restaurant is one of the largest restaurants for civil weddings in Bucharest. With a capacity on the terrace of 600 seats and 400 seats inside, also highly sought after for organizing events.

We offer the bride and groom the opportunity to create a more exotic menu, if they want more special dishes, always keeping the traditional Romanian menu as a classic option.