The first party of the newest member of the family is the baptism. Immediately after the church service, the diners gather to enjoy with the family.

One of the most beautiful christening restaurants in Bucharest is Pescăruș Restaurant. An ideal place, especially for families who want to bring their children to the party, because it is located in the biggest park in Bucharest, Herăstrău Park.

The access is very easy in the restaurant, and the view is extraordinary, both in summer and in winter, the Herăstrău lake leading to the thought of distant places and the location bringing that air of a chic restaurant on the shore of the Mediterranean sea.

The menu can be customized according to preferences. We have a diverse range of dishes for the most demanding tastes. The platters and dishes based on fish are the stars of the Pescăruș Restaurant, but with us you can opt for both a classic menu and an original baptism menu. We always think of the little ones and for them we offer you special menus, so that everyone is happy with the food offered.

The capacity of the Pescăruș Restaurant is 600 seats on the terrace and 400 seats inside. Thus, the event can be as big as you want. Our waiters are happy when each diner feels that he is the most important guest of the restaurant.

You can always contact the advisers of the City Grill group to organize the perfect event.

We can't wait to present you the most delicious menus for your child's christening.